Year 10 Social Studies

Course Description

Year 10 Social Studies continues to look at how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed and responsible citizens. The concepts studied are: 

  • Identity and Culture 

  • Place and Environment 

  • Continuity and Change 

  • Economic World 

 The contexts for learning are drawn from the past, present, future and from within New Zealand and beyond. The topics studied are: 

  • Development 

  • Human Rights 

  • Protest 

  • Piracy 

Recommended Prior Learning


Course Costs and Equipment

$20 for Materials
1x 1B8 Exercise Book


Assessment Information

Learners will create a portfolio of work that is internally assessed each term.


Although we aim to enable every learner to have the course that they prefer,  limited places or learning requirements may restrict learners' choices.