Level 3 English Language

Course Description

This course caters for migrant, Pasifika and international 2nd language learners (ELLs) in Years 12-13. The aim of the course is to develop academic vocabulary and competency in English skills, focusing on oral confidence, reading and writing. The course is multi-level with assessments that provide credits towards NCEA Level 3 and NCEA Level 2. Able learners can Achieve UE Literacy reading and writing.

The course targets the learning needs of individual learners and supports their success in mainstream subjects.

Course Overview

Term 1
Reading strategies including main idea and supporting ideas
Development of academic vocabulary
Polyfest theme

Term 2
Reading practice and assessment as a lead into the research for UE Lit Reading
Matariki theme and international food market

Term 3
UE Lit Reading or preparation for delivering a L3 presentation
Research for Reading can be used for L4 Writing
Learners prepare for a listening assessment

Term 4
Listening assessment or completion of Level 4 writing
Study skills

Recommended Prior Learning

Learners can take this course following on from L2ENLU01 and HOD EL will recommend the course prior to Option Choices.

Learners are tested on arrival at the college and placed in this course

Course Costs and Equipment

$20 Course book
$20 Class trip
$20 EP


This course leads to tertiary pathways: credits for Level 3 NCEA and UE Literacy Reading and Writing

Assessment Information

All assessments are internal
US 31004 v1 Read and understand a text for a practical purpose (EL) 5 credits
US 30997 v1 Read and understand a text on a familiar topic (EL) 5 credits
US22751v4 Read and process information in English for academic purposes Level 4 UE Lit Reading: 6 credits
US 31027 v1 Deliver a developed presentation on a familiar topic (EL)
US 22750 v4 Write a crafted text for a specified audience using researched material for an academic purpose Level 4 UE Lit Writing: 6 credits
Us 30982 v1 Demonstrate understanding of a spoken text on a familiar topic (EL) 5 credits


Although we aim to enable every learner to have the course that they prefer,  limited places or learning requirements may restrict learners' choices.