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Level 2 Food Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 27960461

This course is designed for learners who want to pursue a future in Food Technology, encompassing both academic knowledge and practical skills. It explores various topics including nutrition, recipe design, food photography and lemon meringue pie processing. 

Course content: Learners will complete two projects during the year including:

  • Designing a recipe card suitable for the Whangaparāoa community.
  • Process a perfect Lemon Meringue Pie. 

Learning Areas:


Career Pathways

Cook, Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist, Agricultural/Horticultural Consultant, Beekeeper, Insurance Loss Adjuster, Meat/Seafood Process Worker, Microbiologist, Baker, Cafe Worker, Chemical Engineer, Biochemist, Biotechnologist, Brewer, Butcher, Dairy Processing Operator, Waiter/Waitress, Cafe/Restaurant Manager, Kitchenhand, Chef, Chemical Production Operator

Course Costs and Equipment

$160 - Ingredients and booklets


Although we aim to enable every learner to have the course that they prefer,  limited places or learning requirements may restrict learners' choices.